1. Uncertainty
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Now there’s uncertainty in the spaces between.
All this order is not what it seems.
(Don’t tell me)
Chaos forms in the simplest of laws.
The butterfly effect clearly was the cause.
If I could measure all the randomness,
I’d know why we’re here but I can’t be sure.

The geometry of nature is key.
Patterns emerge of infinity.
(It’s fractal)
Shapes embedded in the fabric of motion.
Developing equations to know what’s going on.
But can the mathematics answer this?
Does God play dice or do dice play God?

The texture of reality is
so chaotic but so ordered.
Seems random but it’s straightforward.
Do you see the world that I see?
Everything’s a probability.
When the entropy is increasing
the ripples are flowing, new dimensions are creeping.
Can we predict the unpredictable?

How can I let it go?
There’s uncertain things about us all.

There’s so many uncertain things about us all.