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Follow me, take me away.
We're on the great escape.

Hoping for the city's lights.
To fade away the alleyways.
Hoping for you to see.
How the tides start to change.

Breathe easy, you'll see the colors start to change.
Around, around you can't hear me say.
The things around you aren't meant to be.
These invisible children they're coming to get you.
They're coming to chase you.
What will you do?

Stop, fall to your knees now.
They've come to play now.
They've got you surrounded.
By the pain you sent them.
The pain you sent them.

Raise your hand to the sky.
Feel the hurt that soothes them.
The hurt that soothes them.
Will they leave you alone?

Let the children rest.
Stop, turn, look inside now.
Your eyes are burning red now.
Don't think about escaping.
Your life is for the taking.
Listen for the voices to save you.
The voices to save you.