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And there she was so close.
So close to me.
I could feel her breathe.
But we're lost in this distance.
We no longer need.
Don't forget why we started this.
We were meant to be.

And there she was so close to me.
The desire we could see.
Don't forget the feeling our bodies share.
When we get so close to know.
Know why we came to cross paths.
There was no distance.
In the light we see how this could really be.

Please tell me why my heart beats for you.
And why you know you still need me.
Through and through we exist.
And the feelings tell us why.
Why this was all true.
When I look back right at you.
Through the pressure, through the pain.
We'll be together soon again.
Tell me why my hearts only beats around you.

Don't you see.
Why this was meant to be.
Meant to be.